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Big 2015 Changes

It's been a long time coming, friends, but I'm finally moving to Nashville. and taking Twigss with me, well not all of it.  Over the years we've grown to love that sweet city and can't wait to make it our home.  So this January, I (Addison) am packing my bags and my fiancee and pup into a Uhaul trailer and headed across the country with Nashville, Tennessee as my permanent destination.  It's a big change but one we welcome with open arms.  Our work in California will not stop by any means.  Twigss will be setting up a second location in the beautiful state of Tennessee.  

So for all you Nashville locals or any others out there that call the South home we will be booking weddings in Nashville and the surrounding areas (we love to travel) for the 2015 wedding season and we’d love to work with you!  And California friends we can't wait to start another great year with you all as well!

Please find a few more details at the end of this post.



The details


Addison will not be available on a short notice to do a venue walk thru or consultation, she is now a 6 hour plane ride away. But Melissa is still located in the Bay Area and is happy to be on call for these sorts of occasions. If you would like both of us to be present just give us enough notice to plan accordingly. 

Our travel prices will change based on the wedding or event, please just inquiry with us about that.

Melissa will still be located in the Bay Area and be able to meet any of you local vendors or clients with just a short notice! 

We will still be booking weddings in the Bay Area and all over California. 

Addison and Melissa will still work on most if not all weddings together!

So we hope that covers any immediate questions you may have and we want to encourage you to shoot us and email or give us a call if you want to chat more about this change! For any of you Bay Area vendors let us know if you would like to grab a coffee or a drink before Addison heads out on January 1st. For all of you Nashville locals we would LOVE to meet you! Please reach out if we haven’t reached out to you already, let’s get together! 

Much love and cheers to you all, here’s to new beginnings! 

Addison + Melissa Searles 

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